Rebtel for Mac : Download Rebtel for Mac Application

Rebtel is official available for android, iphone, ipad, ipod touch. However surprisingly it is not official available for Mac devices. As said by Rebtel on one of the sites : “Our new PC client is only available for PC. We are working hard on expanding our services however we do not have a time frame for when it will be available for Mac”. However Rebtel can still be used on Mac devices. First you need register with Rebtel.

But make sure to use the exclusive Rebtel offer. Rebtel is offering double credit on signup. If you register with Rebtel for just $10, you will get additional $10 for free. So you are paying $10, but you will be getting $20. This is a golden chance to register with Rebtel and even get free credit.

Signup with Rebtel : Get $20 credit on purchase of $10

How to install Rebtel on Mac : Download Rebtel on Mac

It is possible to use the PC client on a Mac by using a viritualization software to install Windows. “Parallells” is one popular program that can be used. We at Rebtel have tried it but cannot guarantee that it works on all Macs.

To learn more about it, go to There are also some helpful videos to be found on Youtube. Please keep in mind that Rebtel currently doesn’t have the tools to help you with the installation.

Rebtel official PC app is valid for windows only. So in the above method, we first installed windows virtual environment on Mac and then install any windows software on Mac. In this case, we have installed Rebtel voip application on Mac device. It works great!

So just install Rebtel on Mac and start making super cheap international calls.

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