Rebtel for Samsung | Download Rebtel Samsung Galaxy App

Rebtel has launched its app for Android tablets which includes the Rebtel app for Samsung Galaxy tab. Rebtel is now available for your android tablet. You can use wifi or 3g on your tablet to make calls from rebtel. You can call rebtel friends for free. Rebtel app is optimized for android tablet like Samsung galaxy.

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Rebtel Samsung Galaxy App : Rebtel Android App Features

  • Free calls to other Rebtel app users – Call for free to anyone using Rebtel for iPhone, Android, PC, iPad or Android tablets
  • Cheap international calls & SMS – Save up to 98% on calls and SMS to any phone with some of the world’s lowest rates
  • No user names or extra contact lists – Rebtel for iPad integrates seamlessly with your Android tablet’s address book
  • Call conveniently using either WiFi or 3G – Make high quality calls over Wi-Fi or 3G (applicable to 3G-enabled tablets) and keep in touch with your loved ones while on the move, at home or at the office

Rebtel new app for Android tablet is available as a free download. It has all features and benefits like you can make free calls to other Rebtel users and cheap calls to mobiles and landline phone. Rebtel cheap rates are up to 98% lower than what an average carrier offers, and up to 60% lower than current Skype Out rates. In addition, you can send low-cost international text messages to friends in more than 196 countries with an average cost savings of up to 60% when compared to your regular carrier.

Rebtel app for samsung is basically the same android app just optimized for android tablets. Rebtel is confident that Android tablets will “see significant increases in the next five years” and therefore its mobile product specifically optimized for Android tablet use will “benefit millions of users who are looking to offset costly international calling rates associated with their traditional service providers.”

Rebtel for samsung galaxy app allows you to send low cost sms as well to more than 190 countries. Rebtel for Android tablets is available for free download in Google play.

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